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The CEO of Made Men Music Group, Ubi Franklin and Tekno were on the Morning Rush with Olisa and Osi. Tekno spoke about his current state of health after undergoing his operation "We are back healthy, everthing good." Tekno also revealed that he is now independent, however still patners with his former record label MMMG. "Yes i am on my own now. But we are family. We keep the hussle going, help and push eachother up," he said. Ubi further explained that this move will help people understand that "you can leave a record deal without fighting." "And also you can find a way to be eachother's support system to make sure you can go up," Ubi said.


When asked why the same was not done to Inyanya Ubi confessed that he actually tried.  "I tried becaused the same thing i am doing right now is the same I and Inyanya discussed in Houston. But i don't know how the plan changed after that," he said. As regards the relationship status between them ( Ubi and Inyanya), the MMMG CEO said he has not made contact with him since then. "I saw him once at in Abuja, at the Hilton, but we just passed each other and that was it."


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