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The evicted duo, Ella and Kim Oprah, from the ongoing BB Naija show, had an interesting interview on the Midday Show with juicy gossip from their Big Brother experience.


Kim Oprah opened up about her vulnerabilties shown during her time in the house. "Definitely your emotions are heightened in the house and everything gets to your nerves," she said. However, she tried to avoid speaking on the drama between Isilomo and herself. "Anything I am going to say will give her extra noise, positivity her way," she said. 


Ella on the other hand, tried to justify Isi's actions against the backdrop of a rocky relationship prior to entring the Big Brother house. "She had this relationship that went south. She gave out everything then she quit the relationship...and she had to explain that's the reason why she is always thinking the worst. Isi was coming from a place no one could hardly take her from," she explained.


They also shared nostalgic experiences of their audition stage as well what the future holds now that they have left the show.


See video for details of the  interview.