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Olisa and Osi had young mavin star, Rema, The Morning Rush to talk about his journey so far in the music industry, as well as his new single Bad Commando. 


Speaking on his journey to Mavin records and by extension music, Rema explained how he was engaged in so many groups before he got into Mavin. "I used to be on a group in Benin, three groups actually," he explained. "I used to be in 7 dimension, we have Rema and Kelvin, before we created RNA. We used to work on songs and go for shows." He alos further narrated how he got in contact with Mavin. "I was scrolling through the internet and saw Prince's song. I hit up my producer to make a one minute beat (to) freestyle to... and try my luck," he said. Luck indeed smiled on him as it paved way to him being part of one of the foremost record labels in the country.


Rema, however explained how the live he chose came at a cost of the relationships around him. "At that time, my relationship with my friends was kind of strained. Yeah, cause I've been away and they missed me but some were like i turned my back on them," he lamented.


See video for full interview.