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The handover segment here at the studio was lit up with a fiery interview with the latest Big Brother Naija Evictee, Tuoyo. The party favourite was sure to leave no dull moment throughout the entire interview with juuicy gossips of his life before, during and after the show.


The Interview, being stirred by the Duos of the Morning Rush and Midday Show, was extremely engaging for the Big Brother evictee. In reminiscence of his journey into the house, Tuoyo narrated his audtion story. "I went there on Friday, 5am,thinking that i was the earliest. I saw like 300 people on the queue there," he said. He felt being picked to be part of the house is like "a dream come true". He also spoke about the rumour of him being a stripper. "I did it one time. You know when you are broke, you have inspiration," he explained. 


When asked by Ollie, One of the Morning Rush Duo, on his failed game plan that couldn't sustain him the house, Tuoyo expressed his dissapointment on the fact that he was quite late in expressing his real self; being that he is shy. "I think i came out late. If i started my madness from the first week i don't think i would be here," he said


In the aspect of attraction, Tuoyo opened up his favourite ladies to the handover team. "I liked Kim Oprah, I liked Esther, and i liked Dian". He further expressed his plans for the future now that he is no longer in the house.

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