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A Physicist would explain ‘ripple effect’ to mean a situation in which, like ripples expand across the water when an object is dropped into it, an effect from an initial state can be followed outwards incrementally. A sociologist describes ‘ripple effect’ as social interactions that can affect situations not directly related to the initial interaction. Economists can site examples of this phenomenon in cases where an individual's reduction in spending reduces the incomes of others and their ability to spend.


With all the definitions from various careerspheres, would it then be okay to say that living and living conditions definitely lead to a ripple effect on the long run? So now tell me, as a Nigerian today, how would you define ‘ripple effect’? Before you answer that you would also agree with me that; if there is one thing that would be a constant in all of our definitions and examples it would be the ‘Economy’. With that fact established, it is all too clear that the economic situation of the country has led to a huge rippling effect.


It is no news that every media outlet; print, traditional and even new media are flooded on a daily basis with stories of hiked prices, covetous government individuals, with the degenerative state of the economy evident in every post or publication. The Question here is how do we influence this rippling? How do we ensure that all this negativity doesn’t seep into our essence, making us a skewed version of the original us? How?


There are some people who are of a school of thought that as humans we are a product of our environment and even though on a different day I would strongly beg to differ on this, I however think this could be a true thesis in this situation. With all the negativity being paraded on a daily basis, almost like a badge, identifying us Nigerians not just as a people of a particular country but also acting to expose the looping hole in our economical store house.


I always try to not go on a meaningless ‘worderie’ when dealing with issues and so I would hit it straight on the head; You cannot change what you cannot change…mind you, no pessimism here, just pure realism. The dwindling economy, the atrocities of the everyday Man is somewhat beyond your control…yes! But do you know that you can influence just how much all of this negativity goes round if you do start from point ‘’You’’?


What is she saying you might want to ask? Well I am saying; ‘don’t give a flying fig!’ Two forks can come to dinner and the economy wouldn’t make the slightest shift towards progress if we continue with the finger pointing or like most, observing. So how then do we be that hand of reason that would steer the other hands of this clock called Nigeria towards the right direction?


We can start by saying to ourselves:

-       I refuse to make me about all of this.

-       I would survive regardless.

-       I wouldn’t let my essence be diluted by the pollution around me.

-       I would start my day with a smile so that I can infect others with it.

-       I would end my day with a smile because I am grateful to be alive.

-       I am not a DAN****, or an URBAN*****, I wasn’t a part of whatever conspiracy theory. between JOE and NATHAN and so I refuse to be dubious in my daily dealings.

-       For every wrong I do in my small cycle, it eventually becomes the greater evil that affects even those I love.



It wasn’t so hard to mouth the above words was it? But mouthing it isn’t enough, believing it is. Sometimes it takes little to create the most impact. So start with ‘’You’’, change your view on today’s Nigeria, do not let today’s Nigeria be what your tomorrow is about. Times are hard and so is being human. So while some have let the economic situation of the country turn them into ugly beasts, retain your beauty by aiming for integrity in lieu of unscrupulousness…We can create beautiful concentric circles. Though small but could be far reaching if only you and I try…;-)


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By Maureen Alasa.

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