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It is true that life is a summation of events. For every day there are a couple of events that complete it. With that in mind do you agree that life is also an assortment of people? do you believe that these people are like a kaleidoscope of colors whose reflection depend on the color wheel called perception?


It is okay to wonder what all of this is about, it is okay to beg to differ on every point made above, it is okay to argue about the flimsy details of lexicons, tenses and juxtapositions but it would not be okay to not get to the bottom of this all. So let's find out 'what people are like' :

People are like animals : Brutal, Savage, they hurt you and feed on your pain...that is just how they survive.

People are like Pets : Nurture them, cater for them, groom them and they would turn out to be dignified beings to be proud of.

People are like Sponges : They have got so much holes and flaws than you can ever imagine yet at the slightest opportunity, they put on a sanctimonious robe of purity, seeking to clean up another while their their flaws remain unfixed.

People are like the wind : They let life's occurrences determine their direction whilst carrying in its wake a lot of garbage that can be done without.

People are like musicals notes : Useful only to the ones who understand the notes and useless to those who don't.

People are like Myths : You never know the complete truth about what, when, how and to what extent they exist and so most times all that is left is the version presented.

People are like cancer : They grow on you, become a part of you only to destroy you.

People are like vehicles : They are very useful to take us to that destination called life but whether or not we get there using the same vehicle remains unknown.

People are like pumps : They drain you, suck out all of your very essence and then fill you with nothingness.

People are like the weather : They change when it pleases them, they are unpredictable and they can never be perfect, the best you get from them is a fairness that isn't all that fair.

People are like a book : Everyone reads yet not every one understands.

People are like mineral resources : Just as useful as you make them...as important as you make them.

People are like that song that makes no sense but won an award, they are like that actor nobody should like but keeps getting the Oscars. They are that birthmark you cannot erase, that story whose lesson is never entirely learnt.

People are useful and worthless, good and bad, great and mediocre...People are like whatever we make them out to be!

So yes...who are you?



By Maureen Alasa

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