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‘You have got a lot of drama’, was his closing phrase as he broke your heart into a thousand pieces. His words left you thinking about how it all began and what led you both to this undeniable point of no return. Your heart tells you; ‘You were at fault, you ask too many questions, You should have compromised’ and all the many should haves there ever will be. It is at times like this you begin to think about the 4 lettered word ‘DRAMA’ as you blame it for all your mishap.



For those who can relate, the problem becomes definition…Oh yeah! Like ‘What really is drama?’ Oh well, it would amaze you to know that ‘Drama’ is one of the few words that have over the years lost their actual meaning and so If you ask for the definition of ‘Drama’, what you would get is the description of ‘love.’


Now easy there, do not be quick to plead the fifth on this one guys because this is a statement of fact! Now let us do this;

- Why would another human care so much about your affairs?

- Why would she stick her heart out and have you turn it into a dart board?

- Why would she forget all of the pride her mother groomed in her only to be a door mat for you to dump all of your negative feelings?


If you ask me, the only reason why I would put myself out there so much to my detriment would be because I somehow have it twisted that whatever it is, or you are, is more important at that particular time. So what do we have in this case? A crimsoned mess made by the droplets of a bleeding heart.



Now this is not to say that love is about drama, what this actually means is that there is no such thing as love without drama because she would care too much, she would worry too much, she would be unhappy when you get too friendly with other females, she would make you visit your mum when you would rather not, she would make some mole hills into mountains because she can smell potential mountains from afar, she would keep you up at night resolving issues and she would keep going at it till you realize the reason she is pained. She would turn you into a project, working to make you a great man.



But don’t get it twisted, you would love it at first, then you would not. You would fight it, you would hurt her continuously because you are too blind to see it is more about you than her. You would not understand how she can be so selfless, giving up a lot for someone so selfish and then your guilt would eat at you, making you want to hurt her even more, making you want to take away a bit of her light because you just cannot understand it.



Therefore ladies, when he tells you ‘You are full of drama’, smile, be happy with yourself because Oh hell yeah! You are closer to that definition of a ‘Virtuous woman’ the bible spoke of than you ever think. Being a lady is hard enough, being blamed for being a lady is definitely unacceptable! Call it a skewed way of loving someone and I would tell you how much of selflessness is put into a full blown drama!



Now guys, when you break up with a lady for being ‘full of drama’, remember that you haven’t broken her heart, you have actually just made her realize how priceless her heart is and how much of a rip off sticking with you would have been…Xoxo!



By Maureen Alasa

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