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The second Xbox prototype is being worked on under the code-name "Anaconda," months after we learned about the top secret "Scarlet" console that was being projected for a 2020 release date. It turns out "Scarlet" is actually the title for the project in its entirety, comprised of two separate consoles that are currently in the prototype/production phase.


According to sources, there are two consoles currently being prepped, aiming for a 2020 holiday debut, a cheaper S-style console, to succeed the Xbox One S, and a more beastly X-style console, to succeed the Xbox One X. The codename for the S 2 seems to be 'Lockhart,' and the codename for the X 2 seems to be 'Anaconda,' which may also be serving as a dev kit."


The next-gen "Lockhart" console is projected to be as powerful as the current Xbox One X, in terms of its hardware, but with the addition of several undisclosed refinements. The Anaconda will likely be the more powerful and expensive of the two models, providing a more up-to-date gaming experience to rival the best of the best.


Microsoft is also exploring every avenue so they achieve better "loading times" than their competitors. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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