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On Saturday Arsene Wenger will have been in charge of Arsenal for 20 years. That's two decades at a club with the same first five letters as his name. Winger Alex Iwobi has been telling Newsbeat that he'd love to take his boss on at FIFA to celebrate the milestone. He isn't giving much else away about what the players have planned which could involve "a few party hats and drinks". But the 20-year-old says Alexis Sanchez jumping out of a cake might be a step too far.


"I don't know," he tells Newsbeat. "I'd be surprised if he has played FIFA but if he has then that's banter. I'd like to take him on, yeah. Even if we are planning something else to celebrate, we might want to keep it a surprise. I'm not really a party hat kind of guy, but if I have to then I'll wear one."


Alex, who was born in Nigeria but moved to England when he was four, says it's an honour playing under Wenger. "He's experienced, he knows about the Premier League, he knows about everything. It's such a great feeling to work for him, especially when he's been at the club for 20 years and has worked with some class players. To be involved with that is just crazy. He's completely relaxed. He's a calm guy, an approachable guy and he knows what's best for you."


Alex thinks part of what makes Wenger a great manager is the advice he gives to players. "At the moment, because I'm not really the best at defending, he says I need to treat it how I treat attacking. And that's something that's really rung true with me. I love attacking, but I hate defending and it's something I need to add to my game."


Since Arsene Wenger took over, Arsenal have won the FA Cup six times and the Premier League on three occasions. But he's never won the Champions League, and Alex thinks that's what Arsenal need to focus on this year. "Personally, I want to win the Premier League. That would be an amazing feeling. But for the club the most important one has got to be the Champions League. That's the big one, and to win that would be like a dream come true."


This time round developers have put in extra effort to make the managers on the game more lifelike, and he says it's a feature his manager might enjoy. "I was playing with Arsenal and I was like, 'Wenger actually looks like Wenger this time - and he's in the long coat!' I was laughing about it. I've only had a chance to play two games on FIFA 17. The first one I liked because I won 8-0. I didn't like the second game because we went to penalties. I've not had a chance to practice them much yet, so I lost pretty bad."

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