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In the last couple of years titles like Quantum Break and Halo Wars 2 have been announced in Cologne, Germany. With Sony and Nintendo focusing on other events, it's been seen as a bit of an easy ride for Microsoft. But this time it looks like there's been a break with recent tradition no new games or extra content have been announced. Instead owners can look forward to seeing a lot more of the games we already know are coming. And David Nicholson, executive producer of Halo Wars 2, told us: "It's huge for us because we learn so much by watching people play the game. We’re trying to make a strategy game that everyone can play and make the genre more accessible to everyone. Focusing on creating a buzz about the games soon to be on sale seems to be this year's strategy for Microsoft. For Sea of Thieves, this week is the first real chance they'll get to do that with fans."



Xbox hopes by getting more hands-on players with the games, it will persuade them to choose Xbox One or PC, rather than any of the competition. “It’s part of our responsibility as first-party developer [people who make games exclusively for Microsoft]," said Joe. "To drive people, not only towards buying a console or PC, but also towards Xbox Live. “We want as many people playing on Xbox Live as possible because that's the heartbeat of the Xbox system, which is just as important to us as the console sales. Since this generation of consoles went on sale in 2013, Sony's PS4 has outperformed Microsoft in terms of sales. Earlier this year both companies announced new, more powerful, versions of their consoles would be coming out next year. Focus might already be shifting onto these machines, which might be one reason behind the lack of big announcements. The weirdest thing about Xbox at the minute is they've got a great and varied line-up of games," Daniel Krupa, managing editor of IGN UK, said. “But by announcing Project Scorpio, this secretive project coming next year, which to all intents and purposes is a much more powerful bit of kit, they're casting a big shadow over events like this. “People know there's effectively a new console coming out but we still don't know what it's going to do. Despite the lack of major new announcements for all the Xbox One owners out there to get excited about.''

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