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Five-weight boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather has offered the UFC champion Conor McGregor $15m (£12.2m) to face him in the ring. Though, Mayweather retired unbeaten in 2015 but told ESPN a bout with Irishman McGregor - who has a boxing licence - was the only thing that could tempt him back.


"I'm a businessman and it makes business sense. We tried to make the Conor McGregor fight, they know what my number is. My number is a guaranteed $100m. That was my number. We are willing to give him $15m and then we can talk about splitting the percentage - the back end - on the pay-per-view." 39-year-old Mayweather said.


His boxing licence has been granted by the California State Athletic Commission, allowing him to box in the US state. However, he is under contract with the UFC and any potential fight against Mayweather would have to involve a co-promotion or the UFC's blessing.

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