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Amazon says it will stop selling video-streaming TV devices from Google and Apple because they don't "interact well" with its own media service. The online retailer said it wants to sell products that work with its in-house streaming video service known as Prime Video. Prime Video is not available on Apple TV and Google's Chromecast. Amazon said it had made the decision to avoid "customer confusion". Existing listings will be removed by 29 October. The company said along with its own Fire TV, it will continue to sell other companies' devices that are compatible with Prime Video. These include Microsoft's Xbox, and Sony's Playstation.


Amazon has rapidly expanded its online content, using it to attract subscribers to its Prime loyalty membership scheme which offers fast delivery on purchases. Richard Windsor, analyst at Edison Investment Research said: "These days it is all about enticing users to join one's community and then providing great digital life services so that they stay. This is why Amazon's sledgehammer approach ... is very likely to backfire." Prime Video can be watched via an app on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. Amazon has used similar tactics with book publishers. Last year it blocked pre-orders for some books from the publisher Hachette, while the two sides negotiated over prices. Many authors were angered by the move and accused Amazon of being anti-competitive

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