fbpx Vector Opens Up About Rap Battle With MI | The Beat 99.9 FM

Vector has opened up about his beef with Chocolate City MC MI. He spoke about this in an interview with Olisa, Osi and Ada on The Morninig Rush.


"I just legit felt like he was very disrespectful with how he approached certain things and he could have at least hit me up, before he made certain moves," V.E.C explained.


In response to the estimated 40 Million naira battle between him and MI, The Viper showed more enthusiasm towards the battle than the perks attached to it. According to him his aim it to "get the respect straight"


"I'm not really thinking about the winning or the purse," he said. "For me, It's like we have a defining moment in African hip hop, to do something, let's do it. I don't care; we might put the money in charity or something, let's just do what we need to do"


He also commented on the Nigerian audience's supseptibility to foreign rappers than the local ones


Check out video for full interview.