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Trey Songz has reportedly been hit with yet another lawsuit based on an alleged assault. Documents obtained by TMZ pertaining to the lawsuit filed against Songz, claim that he flew into a violent rage after catching two women trying to snap a picture of him while he was leaving the Vanity Grand Cabaret strip club in Philadelphia. He allegedly went after one of the women in the parking lot, grabbing and twisting her arm and wrist.


The woman claims that the incident inflicted mental and physical injuries, sending her into a depression and forcing her to undergo psychiatric treatment. She also claims that the incident ended up causing “cosmetic disfigurement.” She’s currently suing Songz for medical expenses, as well as other damages.


Songz may as well be a lawsuit magnet at this point, as stories of his alleged assaults continue to pile on. Last week, it was learned that Songz was being sued by a police officer that he assaulted in 2016, insulting him before striking him in the face and causing injuries. He was arrested for that incident at the time, but is still facing the consequences.


Songz escaped persecution for his high-profile domestic abuse case, claiming that there wasn’t enough evidence to pursue prosecution for Songz. However, he might want to pay more attention to his behavior in the future, if he wants to avoid getting hit with any more lawsuits, frivolous or not.

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