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Chance The Rapper Cancels Manchester And Dublin Gigs, Promises To Make It Up To Fans

Performing at the 1Xtra Live Lounge, the rapper finished up his special prayer extended to Kanye West saying “We might come home early to see this. Happy Thanksgiving.” This was taken as a hint that he may return home early to spend time with Kanye West who reportedly is in the hospital.


About The P-Square Quarrel

The world was shocked when the popular duo Peter and Paul of P-Square started talks about separating back in March, different stories came up concerning the issue with different people coming up with why they thought this fight was happening, from wife drama, to money issues and even news of their older brother Jude Okoye taking sides which was the most popular. During all these speculations, there were also others who called the quarrel out as being a hoax and just another publicity stunt.


Emeli Sande Plans To Work With Young Artists At Grassroots Level

"I'm trying to start a publishing company, so I can start really developing talent and giving them the kind of protection that I was lucky enough to have” said the 29-year-old singer and song writer concerning her plans to develop new artists. Emeli Sande, known for her deep and soulful songs kicked off in a big way after her debut album in 2012 earned her two Brit Awards at the 2013 ceremony for Best Female and British album of the year.


Adele Beats One Direction To Top “Richest Celebrities Under 30” List


After 3 years on the number 1 position of on the list, the defunct One Direction boys have finally been knocked off the throne by a £92m rich Adele. Suzy Cox, Heat editor, said the 28-year-old who was in 4th place last year “has been unstoppable this year with her album release and stadium tour, so it comes as no shock that she has come out on top. The boys however, have managed to retain spots in the top 10 section of the list.

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