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Regardles of whether you hate him or love him, you can’t deny the fact that Russ is a pretty damn talented artist. You may not like the way carries a chip on his shoulder or maybe talks down on some younger rappers or what they rap about. The ATL native is a one-man machine creating charting hits!


Some people get mad when Russ refers to himself as a producer-engineer-songwriter-rapper, which well anyone would too if they could say all that, but Russ lives that life in reality. In fact, Russ is so much more talented than what he gets credit for that he’s quietly doing things in the hip-hop world that no one has ever done before. 


Russ is reportedly the very first artist in hip-hop to go platinum with no features, while also handling the entire production on the album as well. He did such a feat on his latest project, There’s Really A Wolf.  This accolade was shared on Russ’ IG page Monday morning, before Hot 97’s Ebro gave him some praise and showed love by reposting it as well. 


Now you might be thinking what about J. Cole? He went platinum with no features as well, but he didn’t handle the project’s entire production. Apparently Cole did about 75% of his KOD album and Forest Hills Drive, but not the full thing, making Russ the lone “wolf” to reach such a feat.


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