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‘I’m an introvert’, ‘I’m self-sufficient’, ‘I really don’t need the distraction of people’, ‘I have all that I need.’ Have you said these phrases at any point in your life? Or have you heard anyone say these words?


Well, these words shouldn’t be new to most of us as we too at some point may have felt or said these words. It is quite easy to feel sometimes that people are a distraction to whatever course we are embarking on. I mean sometimes you just want to block out all other faces from your line of vision, sometimes you want to shut the world up and listen just to the silence of your heart and that is absolutely necessary sometimes. But then, remember to come back up from the bottom of that lone ranger sea after a while because the truth remains that ‘we need each other.’ Only a fool would say he is self-sufficient.


One of the greatest powers of human kind is our ability to form and maintain relationships. You may beg to differ but then the truth remains that we need these relationships to exist, we need these relationships to grow financially, emotionally, spiritually and even as a Nation. Now tell me, how then you can think to carry on without these little pillars of support either at your place of work, learning place or place of worship?


Now if you still beg to differ on this and you still feel strongly about holding on to your self-acclaimed principle of self-sufficiency, then: Imagine the man who works really hard but doesn’t seem to be making a lot of progress simply because he doesn’t have the right relationship at those channels that would have taken his business to a whole new level?


Also let us assume you are Funke, and you find yourself at a competitive stage of your career where you need to meet certain targets, how then do you excel in such a case if you cannot go to your senior colleagues for guidance?


Building relationships have got its own baggage of negativities and discouragements but then, the essence of building relationships cannot be overemphasized as the human community is too much of a network for one person to think they can go through it alone. Like a web you would get lost, you would get tangled and it would get really confusing and discouraging but with the right relationship, you would always almost come out of every twisted mess. Some say be your biggest fan and I say you cannot be your own market. Yes you should believe in you, believe in your dreams but you can almost not attain these dreams if you lack the right amount of positivity and relationships around you.


It would definitely take a couple of failed attempts and so get ready to encounter the rigors of building a good relationship some of which include:

- Mirages of good relationships what would end up being the direct of opposite of what good relationships should be about.

- Difficult individuals who would seem to always want to thwart all your efforts by being somewhat unreachable.

- The tale bearers who always have bad reviews about almost everyone.

- The misfit plague which could make you not so attractive to others simply because there is something about you that they cannot place.

- That voice of hindrance that cloaks you with so much pride, the kind that says you don’t need to build relationships.


But after all has been said and done, bear in mind that you need people’s support be it moral, spiritual, financial etc …and if you have built the wrong relationships over the years, it’s never too late to start looking to build new ones.


By Maureen Alasa


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