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A filmmaker from New York has compressed all eight of the Harry Potter movies into a 78-minutes time film. The man behind the work said it took him 5 months to combine all of the clips from each chapter of every Harry Potters films, so much time and effort for a man who is quick to point out he is not even a super fan of harry potter.

"I always like to have some sort of personal project going," he tells Newsbeat.He went on to say, "When I started this I had just finished making a web series and was honestly just looking for something to do."He tells Newsbeat how a post on Reddit inspired him to take on Wizardhood as his next project.


"In the post people were speaking about how Harry Potter managed to show a child go from boyhood to manhood," he says. This was what the 27 year old decided to depict in his short feature film, he confessed however that his biggest challenge was if he could tell one coherent story using eight feature length films.


The Harry Potter series is one with a large number of loyal, almost obsessive fans which required extra care in editing the series, Tim finally made a decision to capture the baseline of the story which is Harry Porter battling the villain Voldemort. According to the filmmaker, "Some fans have come for me, but most people have been lovely. So far it seems as though Tim's been pretty successful - as in just two days the film has racked up more than 20,000 views.


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