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Rafael Nadal is considering suing an ex-French government minister who claims that his seven month absence in 2012 was "probably due to a positive doping test". The Spanish tennis icon has been offended by the comments made by Roselyne Bachelot who is the former Health and Sport minister in France.  "A minister of France should be serious.” This time is the time to go against her. We are going to sue her. This is going to be the last one, because I'm going to sue her. I am tired about these things. I let it go a few times in the past. Not anymore," he said



Nadal, 29, was so offended by the comments that he has threatened anyone who is to make further allegations about the topic to be sued. Nadal says that he is tired of being accused of doping and is no longer letting these comments slide. The minister made the allocations last week when she was addressing Sharapova’s failed her drug test. "When you see a tennis player stopping for months, it's because there's been a positive control," said the French politician. Nadal spoke out about the allegations made. "I am a completely clean guy. I have never had the temptation of doing something wrong. Nadal has never failed a drugs test but has been the subject of speculation that he ‘dopes’.


In 2011, Yannick Noah wrote an article saying that Spanish sporting success was due to doping. Another instance was on a French TV show showing Nadal filling up his car fuel tank with his urine then being pulled over for speeding by the police. Then in 2013, Belgian former professional player Christophe Rochus questioned Nadal being able to dominate the 2012 French Open and then be injured two weeks later at Wimbledon.

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