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For the latest issue of GQ magazine, Migos swung by Mike Tyson's house in Las Vegas to visit his legendary pigeon coop.

In addition to meeting the revered boxing legend, GQ's feature story highlights the group zigzagging through Vegas to see magician Criss Angel live in action. In latter parts of the piece, Quavo gushes about Tyson and why he was so enamored with his lavish lifestyle. “The first man I seen with a tiger,” said Quavo regarding Iron Mike's animal collection. He added: “It's beyond boxing. I really feel like he a great guy.”



While at Tyson's home, Offset marveled at the group's accolades this year, including their chart-topping record on the Billboard Hot 100 "Bad & Boujee." “You see how special it is now, that we went No. 1?” he asked writer Zach Baron. “Most people don't make it to a second album. There's people out now, right now, older rappers, older artists, they ain't even made it to they second album. They ain't doing sh--.”



Offset also ruminated on his post-jail life after his previous prison stints in 2013 and 2015. “I ain't get the opportunity to get coached until being a star,” he said. “I came straight into this sh--. The whole ‘Versace’ sh--, I wasn't in the video. I missed out on all that. I came home as a star. I had a lot of money. I was wilding, I was being young, I was just living and experiencing life, though. So I ain't got no regrets. You got to grow up and mature when you see you've got something going for real.”



Migos were also treated to a performance by the boxer's 8-year-old daughter on the piano. Donning all pink, Tyson's daughter swept through her musical piece and earned high praise from the Culture trio.

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