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So let us make love! The kind that goes beyond the coital mash up of mis matched bodies…Lol…don’t mind my word play…but you wouldn’t blame me. I mean there are some phrases that get you spiralling on end without control and ‘making love’ should be one of such phrases right? But is that actually the case? When someone walks up to you and says ‘let’s make love’ what comes to mind?



Now before you answer that, my advice would be to take a seat, strap in and probably drink a few gulps of water to help flush out all the sexual innuendos threatening to flood your mind as we go on this unusual yet factual trip, one that would give you a more insightful meaning of the phrase ‘let’s make love’.  With your now clear mind, that really do I mean by this phrase?



Like the first line above, it was made clear that the kind of love I want us to make is nothing like what happens between our sheets. This is nothing as superficial as ‘50shades of Grey’ tried to portray and something deeper than coitus. So yes what kind of love are we making?



Today we would be looking at making the kind of love that:

FITS – It pays to understand yourself, what you want and just how you want your wants. Making love requires temperaments that fit, between people who can share visions that fit like a jig saw puzzle. Not just your bodies.



SATISFIES – This has nothing to do with orgasmic relief so scratch that! This is all about Peace. The kind of love that gives your mind and heart enough room to expand positively. How can you be innovative or creative when your partner gives you nothing but worries?



KEEPS YOUR TOES CURLING – Yeah…Yeah…I totally get why you are smiling. But what I don’t get is why his lips don’t say the words that get your toes to curl outside the bedroom? Everyone needs to be in the kind of love that is toe curling exciting!



LASTS – So you hear the phrase, ‘lasting long’ and all that kind of stuff and so Oh hell yes! Love shouldn’t be made from cheap materials that wear and tear after a short while. It should be like that perfect leather bag that never goes out of season. It should be like that leather belt you have had for years and still looks chassis always.



MAKES YOU ACHE FROM SWEET EXHAUSTION AND NOT HURTFUL FRUSTRATION – Yeeeeaaaahhhh! I mean hit the gym together and ache from exhaustion, work on a project together and get exhausted from the pressure of your focus. But not when you are in a relationship that is trying to do your head in…Make love that doesn’t leave you crying all night.



GIVES YOU RELEASE – This is not about coming or shooting anything *pun intended*. Being a Nigerian is hard enough...each day presents you with challenges and so why can’t you find release in this one place? Why should your love not be an escape from all of life’s troubles? Look, everyone needs a place of escape and so you can very well have a kind of love that becomes your solace.



PROVIDES PEACE OF MIND AND NOT LEAVES YOU PISSED AT HEART – ‘Don’t trouble my spirit’ is what you should say when you are in love. When you find yourself in the kind of love that doesn’t trouble your spirit, you would see that even when there are potholes along the way, your mind automatically swerves, giving your heart something hopeful and one less reason to worry because you know the road gets smoother after the swerve.



LEAVES YOU MOANING FROM PLEASURE AND NOT NAGING FROM DISPLEASURE – Taking you on a brief trip by the gutter without taking so much of a peek, try to conjure the sound of your name said in a sweet moaning kind of way…Aha! Now tell me if you wouldn’t want that to be more frequent. Like when you give him / her that gift, when you help out with a task or when you take out time to make that simple meal.



With the words perfect imperfection in mind, it is clear that even though this kind of love is nothing close to perfect. It is not;

A QUICKIE – It requires hard work, prayers, understanding, wisdom, patience and a host of other strong psychological and behavioural traits and it definitely isn’t achieved in a few minutes.



ALL ABOUT JUICES – Sex maybe closely linked with making this kind of love but it is far from all there is to it. It is not about exchanging juices…it is about giving your heart and time and mind. It is about sacrifices…giving and taking.



In this kind of love you bump and grind and pull and hold and suck up and yeah…you don’t get bruised…your heart doesn’t bleed…a lil pain sometimes is inevitable but no one gets permanently hurt.


So hey ‘let’s make love’…this way *winks*



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