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Other than the fun part of just seeing how good you look individually or together, there seems to be no visible link between loving and taking pictures…lol. But then, have you ever thought to think beneath the obvious? I mean if it is all about looks then one picture of a loved one should do the trick right? But you know that is not the case. If some of us could, we would want a selfie with ‘Bae’ every bae time spent.


So it is quite easy for guys to relate with this and say yeah…’ this describes that bae of mine’ and so I would really rather leave this piece as open ended as possible because this is way beyond pettiness and vanity, it is more about the mystery behind a lens and the way we feel about a lover or partner and it would only make sense if you can just tap gently on the hood of your mind eye, awaken it while I take you on this mystical journey.


Phones are the easiest to come across and so I would rather you pick up your phone this minute and not a photo album or a digital camera. Now can you just go through your photo folder or photo gallery for a few minutes and then answer the following:


-          Did you find that one picture that got you lost in a particular moment?

-          Did you find that one shot that made you wear a sub conscious smile?

-          Was there any picture that got you wanting to put a call through to someone?

-          Have you found any picture that has you reminiscing?

-          Do you have pictures that have got you staring into space for a few seconds?

-          How about the all too familiar one that got to be a conversation starter between you and someone else…maybe a colleague?



If going through your photo gallery got you feeling or doing any of the above, then perfect! This piece is for you and as I reveal the deep secrets / roles of the ‘lens in love’, you would look at pictures differently and perhaps understand why selfies are not just a depiction of vanity but a rather insightful sort of communication that is more powerful than being an archived file on our mobile devices.


Being a selfless person, I have decide to share with you deep secrets about pictures you never knew:

-          Tell me a story and I would show you a picture that tells the parts your story never told.

-          When words become unclear, pictures can come to the rescue.

-          In a picture lies the humanity of a particular moment.

-          Pictures show a subtle reality that becomes realer than reality.

-          Pictures never change even when the people in it do.

-          Some things in life are inexistent but within a picture, everything exists.

-          Wanna know him/her better, take a picture.

-          The future of your love can be captured in one perfect picture.

-          Nothing describes a moment better than a picture.

-          To relive one valuable moment, look at a picture taken then.

-          Pictures remind you of a place and time you can never retrieve.

-          Pictures capture your lives in the most unique way, by holding it still.

-          The significance of a moment is lost without a picture.

-          All your eyes can see is a person, pictures expose their soul.

-          Pictures are the best insurers ever because a picture saves a moment, making you never really lose it even after it is gone.



Now tell me, why would you say No to pictures with someone you love? Why give lame excuses like not being photogenic? The next time a loved one turns down a picture moment, you should be more concerned about what he/ she is trying to hide. Looking at all the bulleted essentialism of pictures above, isn’t it rather clear now when I say lens in love?


Oh well, if you never did well now you should get the lens involved in your love, it is exciting as it is essential. The next time you are with him/her, take a selfie and you could grow old on the basis of that one picture perfect moment! ;-)


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By Maureen Alasa.


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