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Ja Rule is back to dissing 50 Cent. The Murder Inc. vet, On Wednesday, reposted a photo of his longtime adversary posing with the currently incarcerated Tekashi 6ix9ine with the words “SNITCH” and “WANKSTA” written in all caps. He included a caption from the Black Family Mafia (BMF) Instagram account that clearly warns the Power mogul to stay out of Detroit. “HEY FOOFY DONT WORRY ABOUT WHAT WE DOING WITH THE SUPREME TEAM MOVIE,” Rule wrote in the since-deleted post. “WORRY ABOUT GETTING MORE POLICE SECURITY!!”


Rule also reposted BMF’s “public service announcement,” which accuses 50 of being a phony. “Dear Fake Ass Rapper @50cent @starz @markcanton Please get off our dick and stop doing interviews speaking on shit you know nothing about boy,” it read. “You dont have your facts straight about #bmf clown ass nigga #youwasntthere. You are just a groupie cuz trying to figure out shit about Real G’s and what happened 30 yrs ago when you was a little broke boy who couldn’t even pee straight. Never try to depict or describe what we built and put together YOU FAKE ASS BITCH.”


BMF continued, “So you understand #westillhere. Not one major artist in the ATL came out to support your fraudulent #bmf casting call. Its a reason why you ain’t come back to the D.” “Fact is you been gas lighting the public for the last 5yrs with that same ole bullshit lies. How many times we gotta tell you this aint some fairytale shit made up by a bunch of white writers in Hollywood like #power Matter of Fact You Banned DONT COME TO DETROIT.”


Rule and BMF’s posts come shortly after 50 objected to Rule’s upcoming Supreme Team movie on Instagram. During a recent interview with The Outlaws Radio show, Irv Gotti revealed plans for the film, which will revolve around Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff and the Supreme Team. He claimed Jamie Foxx had agreed to play McGriff.

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