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Google defines ‘frozen in time’ as "that scene or place that is unchanging and may have been unchanged for many years" and with a definition like this, there is obviously no need to bore us with any more definitions. The phrase is self-explanatory and really doesn’t require further explanations. So would you want to be frozen in time? For those of us who actually watch the movie series like ‘Vampire Diaries’, we would find this awesome…well…I did but for a split second.



The truth is being frozen seems pretty cool but if you give it a little thought, you would realize that it is more of a curse than a blessing. Now the big question is why do we still stay frozen in time? Why do we refuse to make a change or move in the direction of one? Why do we feel comfortable being the same person over and over again that the idea of being better suddenly seems like an impossibility?



I know change can be scary and comes with its own baggage like fear and uncertainty but then what about being stagnated is so fascinating as to make us prefer to remain the same year in year out without making as little as a shift in our position to a better one? You have been in a relationship that has been hurtful and all efforts to better things have proved abortive, yet you stay…yet you persevere…why? People hurt you because of something you did/do and rather than learn from it you keep setting yourself up for a constant dose of hurt and pain almost like we are cursed by the gods of stagnation.



Now of course it is not oblivious that there are frozen aspects of our lives that easier to figure out than others. I mean, we know some aspects have become like a cancerous lump that has attached itself to our essence. For some, these ‘ not so easy to figure out’ aspects of our lives have become a huge burden as these so called aspects have held us glued to the same spot where no amount of sadness and tears and pain can make us move  on ahead from this spot…almost like our heels have been dug in too deep making us out to be almost powerless.



But whoever said ‘almost’ is a finality? Almost is close but not close enough to be a dead end and so it all begins with realizing that aspect of your life that has been frozen in time. It could be your career, a particular relationship, it could even be religion and it takes realization before one can be pulled from the shackles of stagnation.



The bitter truth is this: unlike Vampire movies you would age, the time with which the rest of the world operates would not be frozen, all that would be frozen is ‘you’ and you alone as everyone and everything else would keep moving and evolving. So before you get comfortable in lieu of aiming for better, remember that you are the only one in this Iceland…you are like a forgotten piece in a world where no one really cares if you make a move or not…and so I say move for you…I say if it isn’t working for you, move on to something else. If you do not feel comfortable about it, make a move to fix things…don’t stay frozen in time…change is the only constant thing in life and even corpses change…they deteriorate…So why can’t you make a change for you?



By Maureen Alasa


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