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Eminem's been on a serious grind over the past year. It’s almost one year anniversary of Eminem comeback album Revival which many would agree was disappointing. However, he came back stronger than ever this summer when he surprised fans with the release of Kamikaze.


The album marked the return of Slim Shady, something fans have been waiting on for a minute. As he continues to push the project, he has released the trailer for the next music video. Eminem and Jessie Reyez will be delivering their music video for "Good Guy" this Friday.


The legendary lyricist shared a trailer earlier today on his social media pages. Reyez is seen gasping for air as she crawls out of the ground before coming face-to-face with Eminem. While the intensity builds, Eminem who might act as a killer in the music video, stares into Reyez eyes before someone grabs a blade off of a table. It seems like it'll be a cinematic music video. The video drops Friday.

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