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Monday Mornings at work usually has :

● That one guy or lady who looks obviously pissed off just because it is Monday.

● That colleague who can't seem to stop going to the bathroom.

● The ones that look like they left home in a hurry, as they can be seen fixing their hair, shirt, something.

● The the one who seems to be in a certain kind of haze, almost like they are sleep walking and clueless about where they are.


Then of course, we cannot forget the happylucky Valeries and of course the James' who seem to really excited it is a Monday. These ones go about their day with huge smiles and a spring in their steps and the question is how do we get the others to be Valerie and James?

First, I would like to point out that a very obvious reason why the earlier mentioned class of people are the way they are could be because they had a long weekend of drinks and possible back to back Owambe. So what they have is a nasty case of being 'hung over.'

So how do we fix that?

WATER - A few glasses of water might just be all the slapping they need to get on the Monday track. Alcohol has been known to cause dehydration and so what better way to get relief than hydrating.

EXERCISING - Sweating it off is another trick. So if you can locate your jogging shoes then it means you are the best candidate for this. Jogging a few blocks definitely re energizes you and this should give you a boost (remember to hydrate on the go).

FRUIT JUICES - Yes! now you have a real excuse to finish a pack of juice. Fruit juices like tomato, orange and coconut water are high in vitamin C. Now a hang over could be the reason you have had countless pee breaks which means loss of Vitamin C too and so replenishing your Vitamin C level fixes a huge part of the problem.

For a very bad case of Monday Hang over, you could also replace your favorite cup of coffee with ginger tea (Sorry coffee lovers) as it helps reduce nausea and stabilizes blood glucose level.

Prevention is way better than a cure they say so if you must get drunk on the weekends, then please binge on high calorie foods like fries, burgers and pizzas right before the bottles as fat has been known to slow down the absorption of alcohol by the body.

Now you can say 'Hello Monday' ;-)

By Maureen Alasa

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