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Donald Glover the music maker, screenwriter, director, producer and actor, had an amazing 2018 with his musical alias, Childish Gambino, as it saw him go on tour, join Disney's Lion King remake, lead the BET nominations, give fans free ice cream and so much more.


With an exciting film featuring Rihanna to look forward to in the new year, Donald has ended on a strong note since being labelled as British GQ's Best Dressed Man of the year. Other acts that made the list are Post Malone, Skepta, Harry Styles, John Legend and Travis Scott.


Donald Glover is a new-wave renaissance man and his style is superbly “wavey” too, providing all the Seventies-inspired vibes a modern man needs in his wardrobe right now," the publication writes when describing his #1 spot. "While his array of cheekily unbuttoned silk shirts and soft, striped V-neck knits over the past year get honourable mention, our favourite facet of his personal style has to be his commitment to anything-but-black tuxedos – especially the regal, all-purple Gucci rig he wore to the Emmys in September. Our king."


In other news, Donald talked more in-depth about his "This Is America" video and how he was nervous it would have been too much. "There was a lot of room for it to be bad," he said. "Like: really, really bad. Like preachy bad. Over-reaching bad. Pretentious, racist-in-a-different-way bad."

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