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Do you remember that geek in your class, the one who had his reading glass always on and who always had his shirt and pants so neatly ironed that he started to look ridiculous? Well if you do then you must have been shocked when this said geek had one of the hottest girls of your academic year as his girl friend right?



Okay now let me just say that thinking back now, I had this huge crush on a class mate years ago and for the love of me, I never understood what attracted me to him. He was light skinned and always had his sexy glasses on (lol... I still consider those hideous reading glasses sexy). Oh well, there was something about him and even though things never went past the friend zone with us, it still meant something to me.



Today as a young adult, I find that I wasn't being naive then. There really is something endearing in that witty and highly intelligent dude. I mean everyone loves an eye candy every now and then but what happens when that candy starts to hurt the eyes? Brains are like that aphrodisiac you can't taste but feel. Being with an intelligent person gives you a special kind of high, one that stays buried in the crevices of your heart.



I mean that must be the reason why Her Royal sexiness of all time, Marylyn Monroe picked the bespectacled Arthur Miller as 'the one' worthy of marriage. But then a Californian study which states that : 'Ladies not on the pill favor intelligent creative men as against looks and masculinity', has got me thinking.



So maybe I do not want to marry him, does that mean that those in the 'Brains' category are only sort after for their ability to pass on great genes? Of course years ago I was too much of a kid to consider marrying my childhood crush which brings me to ask the question : Brains or Brawns?



Is it always about the hulk and bulk? or just what goes on in that head? is it the way he looks that is important or how his brains actually work? what really gets you?



So maybe for me it would always be brains over brawn, even though a guy with both would be a very entertained added advantage...lol Perhaps my reference stems from a place of sapiosexual tendencies. Anyhoo, which would you rather have or be?



Take one close look at yourself, did you get that great job because your employer had faith in your resume and your potentials or did you look right for the part and so he just employed a hot bod to act as PR for his firm while Tobi in advertising does the real work? why did you pick Greg over Charles? is Greg a better choice or is he just with better masculine poise?



While you ponder on yours, how about the society we live in? if given a voice, which do you think society would go with?...BRAINS or BRAWNS?



By Maureen Alasa

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