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In some tweets deleted by Azealia Banks, she took a few shots at the Bronx rapper following a Twitter user’s comment that Cardi is black. Banks evidently believes Cardi is the “poor man’s” version of Nicki Minaj. “She’s only black when black want to include themselves in a success story,” Banks wrote on Monday. “I wanted spicy Latina and she gave me poor mans nicki,” she added. “Because I thought she was going to be a Latina hottie and not a poor mans nicki. It went the other way now I’m over it.”


These sentiments are in contrast to the many Hip Hop artists who have commended Cardi on her recent success. Offset, Missy Elliott, Pusha T and Nicki Minaj are among the many publicly celebrating her accomplishment. Cardi is the first solo female rapper to score a No.1 hit in 19 years. The last woman to earn the honor was Lauryn Hill in 1998 when she released “Doo Wop (That Thing)” minus The Fugees.



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