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The Hollywood A-list crowd lit up the Beverly Hilton hotel for the annual Hollywood Films Awards. The award ceremony where winners are announced in advance without nominations, many of the winning films being unreleased and where an anonymous panel chooses the recipients causing it to be regarded with skepticism by some industry observers saw some big winners like Mel Gibson who won best director for “Hacksaw Ridge”, Natalie Portman who won the award of best actress for her role as Jacqueline Kennedy in the biographical drama “Jackie” set to be released in 2017.


The show was compered by James Cordon, comedian and Carpool karaoke host who joked that they were “Fake award” he also made references to the upcoming US elections saying “Tonight is totally rigged referring to Donald Trump’s complaints about the election. Other big winners of the night were Robert De Niro who won the comedy award for film “ The comedian”, Tom Hanks won best actor for the role of Captain Chelsey Sullenberger he played in the film “Sully” and the award for Hollywood career achievement which went to Eddie Murphy.

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