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Anyone that books 50 Cent for a performance can hardly be surprised by him using a swearword or two. So it came as a shock to the rapper when he was detained shortly after a show on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts and Nevis. Fiddy and a member of his entourage were held for using "indecent language" at a music festival. He'd been booked to host the gig but the incident happened when he decided to treat the crowd to some songs. Naturally we can't print the actual words that got 50 in trouble but it was said during a performance of his hit single P.I.M.P.  It wasn't long before the star was on Instagram poking fun at the crime.


The rapper was due to leave the country on Sunday but reports claim he was held until a court hearing on Monday. As well as spending time in custody he's expected to have to fork out around £18,000. Rules in St. Kitts and Nevis prohibit swearing during concerts where young children may be present. You'd think that wasn't much money for a top-selling musician but 50 Cent recently declared himself bankrupt. The 40-year-old got into money trouble after a judge ruled he had to pay a woman £3m. It's after he released a sex tape of her without permission.  As well as a successful music career he is also an actor and producer.


He's been busy promoting the upcoming third season of Power, in which he stars. He also co-produces the gritty crime drama. 50 Cent was signed by Eminem and Dr Dre back in 2002 and went on to release the hugely successful Get Rich Or Die Tryin' album. He's also famous for surviving a shooting where he was hit nine times outside his grandmother's house in New York in 2000.

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